A message from Mark Smith

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We’re living through a time in which there seems to be more questions than answers – a time characterized by uncertainty about our safety, our health and the world around us. When stability and clarity are hard to find, it’s important to know there’s someone you can rely on… ABI.

At ABI, we believe IT is about more than computers and servers. It’s about working together to craft a plan in times of emergencies, and to help you stay on course with your business no matter the environment. It’s about providing support around your concerns and most important decisions. And it’s about managing your infrastructure, so that in times like these your business and employees are able to work from anywhere.

I’m proud of our team’s focus on meeting all your support requests in a short amount of time, and all the positive feedback I have received for their workmanship and professionalism. At a time when we’re all being asked to put greater distance between each other, we will continue to be by your side.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay in touch. We’re here to help.

Mark Smith