Client Testimonials

“I have been working with the same IT Company for the past 10 years. I guess I had the mindset that if it works don’t try and fix it. Unfortunately, over the past two years it wasn’t working anymore”.

“I was referred to ABI and I scheduled an introductory meeting with a representative from your Company so that I could explain my concerns and skepticism about getting involved with a new IT company who would have the opportunity to blindside me with hidden costs once they had their foot in the door. Sorry… but I have been burned I the past, so trust is big on my list.”

“My meeting was a breath of fresh air to say the least. Not only did ABI take the time to listen to my cynical outlook of the IT industry, but also showed a sincere concern when I addressed my IT budget allocations. Most in this position would have just packed it up and moved on”.

“ABI’s approach to my company’s needs and budge restrictions from day one was almost as if you were working as part of the FEC staff to find ways to facilitate our current IT needs while keeping our budgetary restrictions a top priority. Needless to say I moved forward with ABI based on the care and commitment shown and it has turned out to be one of the best business decisions I have made in a while. We have now been through the discovery process. Upon completion I was presented with a detailed analysis of my existing conditions that was explained to me in English and not IT babble. I was informed of what was priority as well as what was in need of attention but could wait for now without impacting my operation.”

“When I started up with ABI I was in the process of purchasing a new Estimating system that I could not have done so smoothly without the input and support I received from ABI who took my calls and answered my questions every time I called.”

“You are lucky to have employees who are worthy of such recognition based on the way they have represented your company and by earning my business and trust”.

Scott, Fouts Electric

“Thank you for always being a bright light, so happy and upbeat!”

“I just wanted to compliment the work ethic, attitude and work quality that was showed during our move and its many related traumas – simply outstanding!”

 Joanna, Revolution Media


“I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the wonderful work that was done for us with Gold’s Gym!”

Jane, Supreme Audio


“Thank you so much you made me look like a Rock Star today!”

“Thank you!! Talk about service!”

Kristen, Total Woman Spa


“Thank you so much, you’re always the best go-to tech!”

Kathleen, DSB Properties


“Kicked ___!”

Steve, Maroney Company


“We just wanted to say thank you for coming up to the Palmdale Q technology center. There is  no question that the youth, parents and directors benefited from your thought provoking open-ended lecture on technology.

 Corey, Housing Corporation of America


“it was very refreshing to have your company available to our office. With everything that           has happened regarding our computers it is less stressful knowing that your staff is       knowledgeable and very quick to respond to clients concerns”

Katrina, Karpel Law Firm


“YAAAAAAAA, You guys rock!”

 Mary Beth, MMR Strategy