Information Technology Consultants

Our team consults and advises on all business and technology needs


Servers/ Workstations/Network Equipment

Managing speed, longevity and the maximum return on your technology investment. The new/used car axiom is true in the IT world, if Servers/Workstations/Network Equipment are old and slow what is the best solution, invest in upgrading or is it time to invest in new systems? Our IT Consultants advise based on the individual situation, which is the best road to take and we provide pricing on the hardware and/or software for all of your IT Solutions.


A Firewall is the first line of defense for a multitude of threats that can seriously impact business. ABI Engineers are fully certified to correctly configure a true business class Firewall to protect your business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Statistics show that 60% of all businesses that lose their data never recover! Advanced Business Innovations, Inc. has a plan for every budget to make sure, in the event of lost or damaged data, your company keeps running.

Three ABI professionals are assigned to every client; Technology Innovator, Technology Manager and a Systems Engineer. All three individuals have a minimum of 35 years of combined experience providing expert business IT Consulting, IT Solutions and implementations.